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Youth United in Christ

Bringing Back The Moral Fiber Of Family and Community

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  Ms. Lena McMorris

Had a dream all her life to do something to help those less fortunate in her community. her dreams of one day starting a non-profit organization, which she felt when she had a serious injury at work that crush her back almost into was over. but she couldn't give up Ms. Lena stated every time she would think it was going to get better'  tears running down her face every time she hears about a senseless death of a young kid dying by gunshot'  rather drive bye shooting are deliberate shooting, it bothers her as if it was a kid she had just seen or one who looks like someone she knew. instead, she never stops dreaming she explain things weren't getting better even at times victim got younger more time than not, never less, the burden got heavier she just couldn't shake it.  The application of her unique gaming platform means the world to her' not only does it help them think before they act'  it teaches them to have empathy, switches at times the victim to the realization{ of thinking what if it's your family] {scenarios} moaning the loss of a family member. for example, The game will show different it has always been said if we walk a mile in someone else shoe before we feel we understand their path even their pain.


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Assuring our youth is learning while having fun.

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